What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?


A good question, and one that many new homeowners ask, and with that in mind, here are a few plumbing scenarios that would definitely be classes as an emergency.

  1. Burst Water Pipe – The worst possible plumbing issue you could have the misfortune to experience, a ruptured water pipe demands your attention. The first thing to do is shut off the water supply, which will limit the damage caused.
  2. Blocked Drain– Not a pleasant experience, and rather than attempting to clear the blockage yourself, call 24-hr plumbers in Colchester who will make short work of unblocking the drain.
  1. Leaking Tap– A leaking tap is more than just annoying, as the constant dripping can permanently damage porcelain and stainless steel, not to mention the water you are wasting. It might not seem like a life threatening situation, but an emergency plumber will fix a leaking tap outside or normal working hours.
  1. Loss of Water Pressure– If your home runs a water pump and a tank, should the water pump fail, the water pressure will drop considerably. Once the plumber knows the make and model of your pump, he can bring the right parts for either a repair or replacement.
  2. Heating Issues– If you have a wet central heating system, the emergency plumber can certainly diagnose and repair boilers, while having a good overall knowledge of the system.

Your local emergency plumber is there for any of the above emergencies, and should you ever need his services, he is only a Google search away.

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