Modern Design Features For Coastal Homes


Having a beautifully designed beach house is a dream for many people. Modern coastal homes integrate design attributes, including plenty of windows and compact designs to best suit the client’s needs. Listed below are design features for modern beach homes.

Green Designs

This is the recommended approach, especially for nature lovers. The Ferrao Foundation advises that this process be initiated before the construction work begins by planting trees around the yard. The rejuvenating nature of the cool air provided by such trees is essential to facilitate comfort. Line up the compound with palm trees to act as windbreaks and promote the environment’s green nature.

Natural Light Enabled

Incorporate large windows into the design to facilitate the entrance of ample natural light. It will enable the doubling of natural light with the help of minimal window treatments, eggshell wall finishes, and mirrors to reflect the light into dark areas inside the coastal house. The abundance of light should be at the required intensity such that the outdoor environment is similar to the one indoors. The interior should not be dull but rather have an airy and open feel. Incorporate glass doors as well as skylights to achieve this. Integrating design features such as artificial light helps to mimic natural light.

Open Plan Layout

This facilitates the creation of a breezy and airy atmosphere. The removal or reconstruction of borders enables the seamless flow from one room to the other. This setup works well for the dining and living rooms. The cohesive look is allowed even in larger open spaces, and the hallways and reading areas are given that exceptional feel. Considering this plan will ensure that the design aesthetic prioritizes ample lighting to the living room.

Facade Focused Design

Mimic the coastline by incorporating horizontal waterboards. Integrate cement composites to enable the structure to withstand extreme weather conditions, creating havoc in the beach house. The use of advanced cement composites helps to keep the interior resistant to moisture and heat and facilitates the resistance to wear caused by salt erosion.

A Soothing Color Palette

Capitalize on the use of color psychology and various tones rather than monochromatic style to create a contrast to enable a soothing and inviting environment. Gulf bay architectural designs always stick to a simple color palette that creates an ambient and natural mood. Modern styles recommend using white styles to facilitate the spread of natural light. Incorporating the tones that bring the ocean colors inside the home is essential. Use subtle whites, beiges, or greys where possible for the exterior walls. Try the more exciting blue and green color patterns for the interior accents.

The use of soothing color patterns, open layouts and airy spaces, and organic textures is key to achieving comfort in a coastal home. Integrate the above-highlighted features into the design to make the beach house have that unique look and feel.

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