Hong Kong’s Ultimate Serviced Apartment for Rent


At present time, serviced apartments are becoming an ideal option for both business and leisure travelers in Hong Kong. If you are also seeking a place in Hong Kong to live instead of just sleep, then they are truly the perfect accommodation solution. You can contact Dash Serviced Suites if you are looking for the causeway bay service apartment for rent in Hong Kong. They offer short term apartments like no other offers in Hong Kong. Their every serviced apartment is completely equipped with all facilities that can give your comfortable living.

Amazingly, Dash Serviced Suites are located in highly reachable buildings in the vibrant locations that are close to the MTR. Plus, their serviced apartments are highly affordable and they provide comfortable living space that will maximize your personal space. Their serviced suite is all about helping you to recharge yourself when you reach home. If you still in doubt whether you should go for serviced apartments or not, then check out the benefits of serviced apartments you can have:

  1. Space

If you stay in a serviced apartment, then you can have room to relax, cook, sleep, and work. In fact, you can have space more than you will get in a hotel room. You may don’t know that service apartment room is almost twice the size of the hotel room. The main goal of serviced apartments is to provide a comfortable and secure environment. Apartments include all amenities, such as TVs, free Wi-Fi, and much more.

  1. A private Kitchen

A serviced apartment comes with a private kitchen and it is beneficial for those who are planning to stay in Hong Kong for months or years. You can cook whenever you want and you can cook your favorite dish and it is truly a great thing if you love to cook.

  1. Housekeeping

The best thing about the serviced apartment is that you can get housekeeping service and you don’t have to clean the room yourself. You just have to call and housekeeping service will reach your door.

  1. Security

Serviced apartments are highly private and they are away from the hustle and bustle. Plus, they come with 24-hour CCTV, and security service and staff to ensure you can have a safe and secure living.

  1. Location

Serviced apartments are located in great locations. You can found them in almost every city throughout the globe. They are situated in the heart of tourist and business destinations.

  1. Flexibility

When you stay in serviced apartments, you are completely free to go and come as you like. You can even find apartments with many bathrooms. Serviced apartments are great for colleagues, families, or friends traveling together.

So, serviced apartments have many benefits you can have if you made your mind to stay in serviced apartments rather than in the hotel. Happily, Dash Serviced Suites offer causeway bay service apartment for rent in Hong Kong. Their serviced apartments come with smart TVs, kitchen, washrooms, high-speed Wi-Fi and many more amenities.

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