Furnishing Ideas for Your First Luxury Apartment


Whether you are moving into your first luxury apartment or starting over in a new location, moving in and furnishing can be incredibly exciting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury apartment in OKC, or a skyrise apartment in NYC, the excitement is the same regardless of where you end up. This is your chance to customize your apartment to make it your own. There are so many decorating options to choose from, which can get overwhelming if you are not sure where to start. Here is a simple guide to help you get furnishing ideas for your first apartment.

Grand EntryWay

If your luxury apartment has an entryway, you are going to want to not only make it a great first impression for guests but also practical. This area does not need a lot to make it well organized and impressive. To start, look for a quality coat rack, a small runner, and a console table. These items will look great, and you will have a place to hang your coats and bags.

Living Room Area

The living room is probably going to the most expensive room you will be furnished in the beginning. Before jumping into decorating, make sure to invest in a quality sofa along with a coffee table and some lighting. Focus on what you need to live and worry about the rest later if your budget is an issue. Once you are able, you can decorate; however, you wish with things like accent pieces, pillows, and rugs.

Luxury Kitchen

Many times, luxury apartments come with the necessary appliances such as a fridge, microwave, and a stove. Lighting fixtures should provide ample lighting for cooking, and mood lighting for entertaining. Countertops should be natural stone surfaces like marble or granite counters. If your apartment does not have this or you want to upgrade what is already there, then those would be the items you would want to put on the top of your list. If already taken care of, you can turn your focus on things like cooking utensils, a dining table set, and storage containers for leftover food. You should check for water damage under the kitchen sink and behind the refrigerator prior to signing any lease on a luxury apartment.

Bathroom Necessities

Bathrooms are another area that already has the necessary fixtures in place. You can upgrade these too if you wish, but you may want to save that for another time. When first moving in, make sure you have essential bathroom needs like bath linens, a mirror (if not already provided), and extra storage to hold your supplies.

Luxury Bedroom

In your bedroom, the first furnishing items you will want to get is a bed, a bed frame, and a dresser if you do not have a closet. If you are moving into an apartment that has a lot of window traffic, then getting window treatments for privacy should be tacked onto your list as well. Everything else can come later to make it super comfortable, like lighting and upgraded bedding.

Helpful Tip to Keep in Mind

When you are furnishing your first apartment from scratch, make sure to take your time and think about your choices. Focus on the dire needs first, like a couch set, and work your way to the accessories over time, like wall décor. Furnishing can be costly, so putting your money on your basic furnishing needs first is recommended, so you are not sitting on the floor for months before you have money saved up again.

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