Water damage in apartments


Flooding in an apartment, due to any reason is very devastating for any person. If you are a tenant it still is your home, your place to live and where you keep your possession. It is a big concern for both the tenant and the property owner. You must have information on your rights as a tenant, who is responsible for the repair expenses and how much in different scenarios. 

Water presence even for a short time can leave long-lasting damage making it unlivable. Moisture causes mould growth which is costly to mitigate and cause health issues.  

Your first action is to call and inform the property owner or apartment management of this incident immediately.

There could be many reasons for flooding in a place and you should look for the source. If there is leakage or broken pipe, shut off the main water supply line or request the management service to stop water line. In case of toilet overflow call a plumber yourself if your maintenance management is not responsive. If the water is leaking from the ceiling, the reason may be a source coming from your neighbour living upstairs.

Take pictures and keep a record of each damaged area and objects, to use as a record to deduct the expenses from your rent. 

Contact your insurance adjuster to confirm if your insurance gives coverage of water damage. Usually, flooding due to natural events such as storm or hurricane is not included in insurance claims. However internal accidental causes like the bursting of pipe or sewage backup is covered by insurance companies. 

If your property owner or management service fails to provide you, take matters in your hand and call a plumber or water damage service for help. For bigger water damage issues, you can contact cleanup water damage service for detailed restoration.

While waiting for the help to arrive look around and remove your valuable belongings from a wet place and save them away to dry place, your car or some friends home.

If the water is coming from the ceiling the leakage may have happened at the upper story apartment. Inform the person occupying it and ask to repair it. 

Assess your external and internal structure for stains, broken pipes or damaged gas-lines. 

Ask your apartment management to shut off electricity, water and gas main lines.

Put towels and bins under leaking place to contain water. 

Removing water from the area is not enough you need proper and prompt cleanup and restoration to mitigate the long-lasting effects like rotting, warping, peeling and structural damage. Any moisture left causes mold growth, corrosion and damage to your personal belongings. 

Water damage cleanup service not only handle the water damage but take care of the whole process of cleaning, drying, sanitizing and restoring your apartment and belongings efficiently. Water Restoration Pros are highly skilled to handle the water damage situation using latest equipment and safe cleaning and sanitizing tools to eliminate the moisture and restore your apartment. They make your home safe and livable again, back to normal life.

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