Can You Sell a House During the Coronavirus Pandemic?


The short answer: yes. The longer, more helpful answer, however, is: yes, but because life all around us has changed and affected business as usual, the methods to selling a house during the Coronavirus pandemic is also different.

While things have slowed down in the real estate industry, it hasn’t come to a complete stop. If your home is already listed, leave it listed because now, more than ever, potential buyers have more time to look for homes while they’re stuck at home – and low interest rates for buyers, combined with low inventory for sellers, is the perfect equation. And Myrtle Beach real estate agents, like us, are still finding ways to sell your home on the market and, at the same time, keeping everyone involved safe, healthy and happy.

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Here are a few tips and suggestions:

  • Cancel open houses and go virtual. The days of big gatherings with wine and cheese hosted by an agent are on pause for now. Open houses aren’t safe for the buyer and seller, and large group gatherings aren’t legal, for that matter. Fortunately, video tours of Carolina Forest homes for sale have become widely received as a healthy marketing method, as agents can upload the video, along with professional photos, onto MLS websites, social media and YouTube. A detailed, thorough and compelling virtual tour can showcase your house layout and, in the end, reach thousands – even millions – of homebuyers online versus the limited amount of those physically walking through your door during an in-person open house.
  • Keep it clean. Use this time of social distancing wisely and keep your home clean! The quality and cleanliness of your home is magnified in photos and video, so clean from the ceilings to the floors. And don’t forget your home’s exterior! You could even order some equipment from your local home improvement store, like a power washing kit and bags of mulch to freshen up the look of your home.
  • Repair and update. To also keep your home looking its picture-perfect best, repair those things around the house you’ve been meaning to do, but didn’t have the time to do it, like the broken window, the drywall that needs to be patched, the cracked floor tiles and more. Keep in mind that the kitchen is your home’s showpiece, so if fixtures, cabinetry and hardware need to be upgraded, put it at the top of your home improvement list.
  • Pack it up. With your extra time at home, you can also de-clutter closets, drawers and cabinets, and either sell items you don’t use (or can’t wear) or give them away to local charities that are in need of so much more than ever before.
  • Price it right. Work closely with your agent to decide on the right price for your home. Take your time and consider the setbacks potential homebuyers are faced with, along with the comps of homes in your area that are also listed online.
  • Negotiate contracts digitally. There are quite a few software options out there that will allow you and your agent to negotiate contacts once you do get an offer via teleconferencing and e-signing technology. All of your questions and concerns can still be answered without the need to go into your agent’s office!
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