Benefits of Hiring A Flat Rate Realtor for A Home Sale


Real estate brokers charge a commission for their services. It can either be a percentage of the total property sale price or a fixed rate. Flat fee realtors are also popular as discount brokers because they charge a fixed commission regardless of the final sale price of the property. Here is information to understand the advantages of hiring a flat rate realtor instead of a regular full-price realtor.

Save more

For a full price realtor, home sellers need to pay a 6% commission on a sale, which is distressing because the value of your house may be high. Alternatively, a flat rate agent is budget-friendly offering efficient listing services at a lower rate. You can avoid the upsetting 6% commission splitting and perform most of the tasks on your own. People in Colorado can visit for a flat rate listing.

Non-risky commitment

With traditional full rate realtor service, home sellers need to agree to specific rules and regulations. You can be left with unmet expectations because unparalleled factors can disrupt your home selling experience. Alternatively, with a flat rate agent, you are never on your own. There will be terms and agreements as well, but more flexibility.

More control over the selling process

With a flat rate realtor option, you can have more control in the selling process that includes showings times and dates, marketing techniques and more. You get to keep track of all your transactions. From scheduling, to showing the home, to final pricing, you are in control. There is no need to depend on the limiting rules a full rate agent has set, you alone are liable for the effort and time spent to sell your home.

Access to the reliable sales process

Flat rate agents offer access to MLS details, thus making the sales process navigation smooth. You can pull data and analyze it on your own. Price negotiation is also something they will do for you. From marketing strategies to MLS listings to closing the sale, the commission paid to flat rate realtor is worth it.

How flat rate realtors work?

Flat rate agents offer access to MLS listings with a fixed commission. The price you pay is low, but they offer advanced assistance. It means you get start to finish guidance, which includes marketing, pricing, closing, and more. They offer full service.

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