Why Townhouses Are Popular Now More Than Ever


Once considered structures for the middle class only, townhouses are fast taking over the real estate market. These once despised structures are now the go-to option for a majority of home buyers looking for a house that is in between a condo and a single-family home. If you are looking to buy a home, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting yourself a townhouse.

What exactly is a townhouse?

Even though they are quite popular now, most people don’t often understand the concept of townhouses. If anything, most of them confuse them with condos. However, this is not surprising as a townhouse share quite several similarities with your friend’s condo.

The main difference between them and condos is the architectural style. Townhomes, as the name suggests, are usually built in urban centers, and have communal walls. This means they are mostly connected in a row and may have one or two stories.

Another significant difference between townhouses and condos is in the ownership. When you buy a townhouse, you get to own both the interior and the exterior. That is, you get ownership of the front and back yard. On the other hand, when you buy a condo, you only own its interior. The rest, including the lawn, the driveway, and the communal areas are under the ownership and management of the Homeowners Association.

Why townhouses are popular nowadays and why you should consider buying one

A few years ago, Condos were the “it” in real estate. Fast forward to today’s property market; townhouses have now taken over the title. Why? Well, In comparison to townhouses, condos usually sit on a bigger piece of land.

Hence condo buyers often have a significantly larger compound in comparison to townhouse buyers. While at first glance, this might seem like a disadvantage, it is actually advantageous. The bigger the compound, the higher the price.

Thanks to that, townhouses are often much affordable than condos and other housing units. In other words, they give you a chance to taste the condo life, but at a much affordable price. What’s even more riveting is that for an affordable price, you get a small piece of land that you can call yours.

Ease of access

Most any townhouses for sale greece ny are often in or near the urban centers. When you buy one, you enjoy easy access to the train station, the bank, hospital, or any other basic amenity that you might need. This is not only convenient but also makes life easier.

They have a lower maintenance fee

As noted earlier, townhouse buyers often own both the interior and exterior of their home. Therefore, apart from some basic maintenance tasks such as trash and snow removal, you are practically responsible for most maintenance duties in your home. Additionally, the communal spaces in townhouse communities are often smaller, which means that the HOA doesn’t have a lot of work.
This significantly lowers the amount of maintenance fee you pay to the Homeowners Association, making townhouses even more affordable.

More freedom

We all love our freedom, and the good news is that a townhouse comes with lots of it. Again, this is because you own it’s interior and exterior. Therefore, if you’ve always dreamt of having a little garden at the front of your home, then you are free to make it a reality. If you love tulips, then you can plant them without stressing on the opinion of Nosy Nellie who prefers rose bushes.

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