Why Realty Professionals Like Nabil Yusuf Patel Are Betting Big on Smart Homes?


Prospective home-buyers as well as already existing property owners in India have been showing interest in acquiring luxury properties in key and upcoming cities. It has not escaped the notice of veteran real estate businesspersons like Nabil Yusuf Patel that demand for quality homes, along with all the up-scale modern amenities, is increasing each day. But the prices of such luxury properties in India are also relatively high.

Smart homes, on the contrary, come equipped with a series of automated features that guarantee safe, modern and healthy living without costing too much. In recent years, emerging cities are promoting the development of smart cities. These smart cities call for smart homes that offer a wide range of facilities, including security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency.

Real estate developers have rightly realized that the time has come to develop smart homes in India. Leading companies in the sector are now shifting the focus on designing smart homes that enhance the quality of lifestyle that luxury properties may not necessarily do. Even the luxury properties that do so come at a premium price which is out of the budget for many.

Smart home technology, also often referred to as home automation, brings in efficiencies by allowing home-owners to control all smart devices in their homes, including but not limited to home appliances. They can operate, manage and monitor the happenings at home even when away from home, often by a smart home app on their smart-phone or some other networked device. A part of the internet of things (IoT), smart home systems and devices operate in a synchronised manner, sharing the consumer usage data among themselves and automating actions based on the home-owners’ preferences.

The key reason behind the popularity of smart homes is the automation, which enhances the security and comfort of residents of these homes. With an automated home, home-owners have complete control over all the electric appliances, even though they are not at home. Regardless of where you are, you can stop worrying about home and be more present where you are. Besides, smart home features help in using energy, water and other resources more efficiently, which contributes to saving on money for the consumer and saving natural resources. Indeed, providing peace of mind and efficiency are the most primary benefits of home automation.

Smart homes can be an effective support for all kinds of families whether young or old. Young working couples would benefit from its ability to carry out the household tasks while they are relaxing or when there’s no one at home. Working couples with children at home can check on their safety and security from the workplace. They are also beneficial for the elderly, providing monitoring that can help seniors remain safe and comfortable at home, rather than moving to a nursing home or requiring 24/7 home care.

It is quite apparent then why real estate firms are shifting the focus on smart homes rather than luxury homes in designing their new residential projects. Nabil Patel DB Realty and his industry peers have closely followed the ambit that smart homes offer for the present and future generations in India and therefore putting their money on it.



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