Ways To Keep Your Home Appliances Safe


A safe home is a happy home. Several appliances and equipment give us comfort but should be monitored and maintained regularly to prevent safety concerns. Here are some items to which you should attend.

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You may not think about the fridge as an area that could become dangerous, but hazards could exist. If any electrical wires are exposed, they may get damaged by routine activities. This could raise the risk of an electrical fire, so tuck cords or wires in a secure spot.

Lint and dust can build up around the motor and electrical parts. This debris will also increase the odds of a fire or malfunction, so include this cleanup in your regimen. In all cases, take time to clean under, around, and behind your refrigerator every couple of weeks.

Oil Tank

Your oil tank is an important element of home comfort. You surely want the oil inside it to stay inside. Eliminate chances of a spill by keeping an eye on the tank’s structural integrity. Rust and corrosion on the outside are indicative of more significant problems within. The legs and platform should not be cracked, rusted, buckled, or bent. Inspect that the vent whistle is in working order and that the level gauge is functioning properly.

Protect above-ground outdoor tanks from falling ice or snow with appropriate covering. Prevent damage from a passing mower by fencing off the sides of the tank. A buried tank will require a maintenance contract with a professional technician to determine any possible risks.

The life of most tanks is usually no more than 15 years. By ten years of age, start planning for a replacement. Once it’s time for a new tank, you can be sure your previous one is disposed of in an environmentally safe way by getting help from service technicians like oil tank removal Westchester County NY.


Check your dryer before each use for general cleanness. Dust and lint collect rapidly. Always clean the lint screen before operating. Also, dirt built up inside vents and hoses may become a fire hazard. Be sure hoses and ducts are cleaned regularly to minimize the chance of fire.

Take time out every six months for a more thorough cleaning of your dryer inside and out. Do not store items like loose paper, rags, or chemicals on top of the dryer as the heat generated could create dangers.

Home care is a chore — literally. Taking these steps to care for your essential appliances will keep you safe and give you greater peace of mind when you lay your head down at night.

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