Tips To Avoid Foreclosure in Florida


We can all agree that failing to make mortgage payments can lead to foreclosure, which is the worst thing that could happen to a household owner. 

However, it is a common legal means that protect lenders against potential defaults, which means that they can repossess your household if you avoid paying.

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As soon as this particular situation happens, you will have to move out of your home. At the same time, in case the property worth less than the amount you owe, they will pursue deficiency judgment as well.

In case that happens, the lender will try to take more than you currently have. Both deficiency judgments and foreclosures can affect your financial situation and ability to take a loan in the future.

We decided to present you with tips that will help you avoid this particular problem.

It does not matter if you are already behind the payments, or you are going to miss them in the future because you need to be a few steps ahead. Therefore, you should organize yourself before anything happens.

The best way to do it is to create a file for records related to your household and implement all loan docs inside. You should add copies of mortgage, deed of trust, as well as promissory notes, among other things.

Apart from that, you should also include a record of payments you made, monthly billing statements, property tax information, escrow statements, insurance information, copies of letters to servicers, and correspondence from the servicer.

Understand Your Legal Rights

When you gather all documents you need to prepare yourself, it would be best if you read everything inside to determine the course of action you should take. 

The mortgage will feature information that will help you reinstate your loan, implement monthly late charge amount, and other fees that you should handle to avoid foreclosure.

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According to regulations, in most states, you willprevent foreclosure in four months after you stopped with payments.

Financial Information

Apart from loan documents, you should organize and gather your financial info. We are talking about your pay stubs, loss and profit statements in case you are self-employed, federal tax return, bank statements, and other supporting docs for the income you received.

You should also create your overall monthly income that will feature self-employment income, overtime, gross wages, unemployment income, child support, social security, and alimony, among other things.

At the same time, you should consider your monthly expenses as well, including credit card payments, mortgage payments, student loans, car loans, food, entertainment, apartment fees, utilities, and many more.

Review Your Budget Capabilities

As soon as you figure out your expenses and overall income, you should determine your spending habits and create a budget to improve the prevailing circumstances.

The best way to start is by reducing your everyday expenses. For instance, you can avoid buying a morning coffee and instead make it yourself, which will save you hundreds of dollars annually.

You should also consider additional expenses, including cable, gym, and other entertainment forms that you should eliminate. In case you have special payments that you cannot reduce or avoid, you should talk about lowering your monthly payment with a lender.

The main goal is to find ways to reduce the spending and cut additional costs that you do not need to prevent the foreclosure issues that may happen in the future.

Understand Your Options

Loan Modification

You will be able to implement a loan modification that will permanently change your terms so that you can avoid defaulting. That way, you will be able to balance current income with the mortgage rate, which will reduce the chances of missing the payments in general.

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Repayment Plans and Forbearance Agreements 

On the other hand, if the current financial situation is temporary, you may choose a forbearance agreement. This particular agreement will allow you to suspend or reduce payments for a particular amount of time until you handle the financial situation.

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