The Top Roofing Trends that will Rise this 2019


When we say trend, the first thing that always pops to mind is fashion and beauty trends. However, in the world of construction and architecture, roofing trends are also a thing. Today, we’ll be tackling some of the top roofing trends that have a great chance of getting extremely popular this 2019.

Here are three of our top choices for these trends:

Green Roofs

“Green” roofs have become one of the most popular roof types this past years. In 2019, this design will likely become even more popular since we’re losing the land for gardens. People are also getting more aware of their environment and want to make a change through these green roofs.

Basically, green roofs are flat roofs that allow you to build a sustainable garden of your choice. You can plant flowers or ornamental plants, or you can grow vegetables and maybe even fruits.

But apart from being able to get fresh produce whenever you want, plants also make a difference when it comes to energy-saving. These tend to absorb the heat better which makes your place cooler – that means you can cut corners when using fans and air conditioning units. It regulates the temperature inside your place making it energy efficient.

Lastly, it’s aesthetically pleasing. While it’s normally built on high-rise residential buildings, it can also be built on common residential properties that have less space for a garden. This normally enhances your estate’s curb appeal.

Solar-paneled Roofs

Over the last few years, more people have been crossing over to using solar energy to light a few electrical appliances in the house. It’s a good way to cut utility costs while lessening your carbon footprint which ultimately helps the environment.

Normally, solar panels are attached to your roof. As they catch the heat from the sun and turn it into energy instead of the heat getting absorbed by your actual roof, the temperature inside your home will be a little lower – something you’ll definitely want especially during the summer.

Perhaps the only downside to this is it’s rather expensive. You need to spend thousands of dollars to have it installed. But since you’ll be paying less every month, you can soon gain back what you spent in the first place.

Concrete Roofs

Besides metal roofs, concrete roofs are also getting more traction over the years, and 2019 will be no different. There are several advantages with getting concrete roofs, more especially with how it’s durable and has a longer lifespan than most types of roofs.

This would work extremely well in places that experience heavy rainstorms and hurricanes as concrete roofs are more waterproof than most material and do not fly off.


Most of all, designer roofs in any types of materials and add-ons will likely be more popular this year. Architecture has become innovative, and so is the world of roofing. You’ll find different ways you can make a green roof or different shades of concrete roof you can choose from. The most important thing of all is you get a professional to work with you.

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