The Dangers of Blocked Drains


If you have a septic system or a municipal system, you will experience many of the same problems. The problems that you have happen in one of three areas; water comes into your home from the local supply or from a well. It is then distributed to different parts of your home by a system of pipes that go to all of your different fixtures. Water exits your home through a series of drainage pipes. Any problem with one of those three parts will be damaging; however, damage to your drains is incredibly destructive. Damage to your drains is troublesome because it affects your yard, your home, and every other part of your plumbing.

How Drains Become Clogged

Drains can become clogged in many different ways. The most common way that a drain gets clogged is by some kind of foreign object being flushed down the drain. If someone flushes something down the toilet that he or she shouldn’t, that item could become lodged in the pipes. Eventually, if it works its way down to the sewer main, that blockage will block all of your other pipes because the pipes re-collect at the sewer main. It doesn’t have to be one thing, though. It could also be a number of different items. For example, many items that get flushed down toilets are not actually rated to be flushed down toilets. If you continually flush these items, they can stop up a drain. You will need blocked drain specialists in Melbourne. They will be able to help you clear your drains in several different ways.

Drain Cameras

The first step to clear a drain is often a drain camera. A drain camera is a tool that is threaded through the pipe. The drain specialist will be able to see what is actually clogging up the drain. If it’s not far down the drain, the drain can be snaked. A drain snake is a flexible wire that is sent into the drain to grab the offending item and pull it out. In some cases, it can actually be forced farther into the pipe to dislodge it. That depends on what is clogging the drain.

Drain Jetting

In other cases, you will need to jet the drain. A drain jet is a powerful stream of water that forces whatever is in the pipe to come out. The pipe can be jetted in either direction, depending on what is affecting the drain. Finally, if none of that works, they might need to trench your yard.

Trenching a yard involves digging up the actual pipe and removing whatever is clogging the pipes. Trenching a yard is a time-consuming process that leaves your yard with massive ditches in it. Fortunately, some new processes have been developed to form two small trenches. The experts will be able to cut out the old pipe and pull it out of the second trench. They’ll insert the new pipe into the first trench and seal them up. That’s one way to replace a damaged section of pipe and the most drastic.

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