Tenant? Landlord? Work with Experienced Property Lawyers


It may be tempting to just “call a lawyer” when you have a legal issue needing attention, but you should probably look a bit closer at the details of your situation before making such a call. For example, if your issue involves housing and/or occupation of the property, you should certainly find a legal professional who is experienced in this area of the law. After all, the legal landscape is broad.

You need to find someone who can act effectively for tenants and landlords, for property owners, and for people who hold leases for specific properties. As is the case with every legal sector, it’s very important to have someone working with you and for you, who understands such issues as tenancy agreements, possession proceedings, the eviction process, and so on. In addition, you’ll be best served by having experienced representation in court, if the situation develops to that point.

It’s in the Details

As you begin to look for property lawyers in London who will assist you as a tenant, a property owner, or the holder of a lease, first think of your position in relation to the issue. If you’re a tenant, you should be prepared to give details about the possession of the property, problems with disrepair, and unlawful eviction, just to mention a few areas in which you may need assistance. It’s also important to have qualified representation when challenging a local authority’s homeless ruling or when your situation is subject to judicial review. As you prepare to contact your lawyer, keep in mind that the leading providers of legal help may work on a private-pay basis or under legal-aid guidelines.

If you are a freeholder or leaseholder, you will have access to skilled representation in disputes over service charges, lease extensions, court or tribunal representation, or in defending/bringing applications under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954. You may also need help in terms of collective enfranchisement. In any situation (tenant, freeholder, leaseholder), you should also be prepared to discuss funding your services. You may be required to pay a fixed fee in certain matters, though the rates will generally be very competitive.

Personal, Commercial

Tenants will often have access to legal aid, if available, or to conditional-fee arrangements, sometimes referred to as “no win, no fee”. This last arrangement may apply to disrepair matters, for example. While there may seem to be a wide range of options in the property-law arena, you can generally find the trained, skilled lawyer you need with one phone call, or with a visit to a professional website.

As you browse the website of a leading provider of legal expertise, take a few minutes to review the extensive list of services available. In addition to skilled representation in property law, you will usually find you can have assistance with family law, housing law, will, probate, and employment law, just to mention a few.

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