Taste And Reliability Should Never Be Compromised For A Dream Home


A contemporary bathroom vanity is not as simple as we think and this can easily be felt while choosing the bathroom furnishings. Among a large variety and designs of product can easily confuse you while purchasing. It is also important to consider the size of your bathroom, the style you are looking for and the price affordability. And also consider your home interior also while shopping for bathroom accessories as it should match to your home furnishing.

New trend according to the taste

Nowadays most of the people are looking for smooth, glossy and shiny furnishings it’s important to draw a line between tradition and modern otherwise, it may be a mess completely. Basically contemporary and modern designs are in fashion and exactly the same you can get on aquatica.

Bathtubs make a huge difference

Almost all contemporary style bathroom furnishing requires a bathtub. New bathtub designs are so

adorable that one can hardly resist buying them. Few bathtubs as per contemporary style bathroom are as –

  • Freestanding Bathtubs – If you are looking to add fantasy and luxury to your bathroom at the same time then this bathtub will perfectly match to your taste and satiate your craving of having something new. These are elegantly unique and refreshing and will add value to your bathroom.
  • Corner Bathtubs– The corner bathtubs offered by aquatic has been skillfully designed for smaller space. These are available both in right and left form.
  • Drop-In Bathtubs – These bathtubs are easy to use and comfortable in all manners. Their extra depth has given a different look along with a feel of luxury and rest. These are from a premium selection of the all available. Such deluxe bathtubs are perfect for full-body soaking and providing you extra comfort.
  • Soaking Bathtubs – In our stressful life, we all need to have a feel of relaxation after coming back home and shaking bathtubs are perfect for that. With the complete soaking ability, you can relax and ease into it.
  • Acrylic Bathtubs – The exclusive and fresh selection of freestanding acrylic tubs are one of the signature product of the aquatica. These are luxurious, glamorous, modern and available in almost all shapes.
  • Stone Bathtubs – For a sophisticated and sensuous taste, you can completely rely upon the stone bathtubs. These are inspired from nature stone bath which will add a feel of nature to your bathroom.

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