Real Estate Choices and The Right Options Now


Knowing how to evaluate a property is essential to conclude if the sale price is consistent with the real estate market. For the Real Estate Costa del Sol you can find the best deals now. The perfections of the deals are there and that is the reason you can have the consultation of the lawyers. Choose your deals and find the best perfect cases now.

Consider these points in the assessment:

  • average price per square meter in the region
  • the number of properties on offer in the surroundings (which may or may not indicate a heating up of the market)
  • whether the property is residential or commercial
  • the state of conservation
  • the age of the property used

However, the expert explains that the property valuation can vary in some points, according to the preferences of those who are going to buy. A person may not want to live near squares, for example, because he doesn’t like noise. So, it certainly will not give so much value to a property that fits this condition. For families with children, on the other hand, the proximity to plazas can enhance the property.

Search for similar property prices

Finding how much similar properties cost on the same street or in nearby addresses makes it easy to get an idea of ​​the good you want to buy. It is even better if you find apartments for sale in the same building.

Sites with real estate listings are sources of inquiry. Check the offers of properties of the same size, with age and approximate architectural pattern.

Ask for the floor plan


If the owner does not have it, it is possible to manage the building with the supervisor or caretaker. This role will be important to check the measurements and check if the walls are structural, those that support the construction and should not be knocked down, or if they are of common masonry, which can be taken to increase a room or make an American kitchen, for example. Being able to modify a plant or not also influences the price.

Is it worth buying an old property?

If the property is not new, there are additional points to note:

  • deep and shallow cracks
  • infiltrations
  • mould on the walls
  • the number of shots and the light board
  • water logs, which should not leak
  • sinks and stones from wet areas
  • if windows and doors open and close easily
  • if there is no wood dust under the furniture, which may indicate the presence of termite

You also need to put in the final bill of the property what you need to replace before you live. Some examples: window glass, doors, door handles, floor, bathroom metals and crockery, shower stall and light board.

Consult qualified professionals for property evaluation

The analysis of the price of a property is part of the duties of the real estate agent specialized in real estate appraisal, who knows how to evaluate a property for sale with assertiveness.

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