Picking The Best Location For Your New Home


When thinking about applying for a HDB property in Singapore, you need to consider a number of important things. You need to think firstly, about where you want to live, and whether or not you will feel at home there. It might look amazing and it might tick all the boxes, but there might be something about it, that just doesn’t fit. If you are a family person, then you might want to pick a property that is not too far from family members, and allows you to visit them regularly without having to travel too far.

Growth And Opportunities.

Other considerations are whether or not, you can find a suitable job in that area, and if it pays well. There is no point moving to a very up-market area, if you can’t afford to stay there. Check that the particular area you have chosen has jobs in your particular line of work, and if you are already working, then, does your company have a business there. It may be wise to pick an area that offers long term growth and promises opportunities in the future.

It Needs To Be Affordable.

The area that you are choosing to live in, needs to be affordable for you and to make sure you get the best deal, you really should be looking at HDB properties in Singapore. It’s the little things like lunch and a cup of coffee. If there is only what appears to a small difference in price, then it doesn’t seem a lot at the time, but factor in paying it every day for a year, and the difference in expenditure is significant. Your Singaporian dollar might be worth significantly less in one neighbourhood, compared to another one. Choosing the right area with an affordable cost of living is essential, if you are to be happy with your new location.

The Commute.

A very important consideration is how far your new home will be from your job. If you are relocating to a new area, then you need to consider what’s more important, a job that pays really well, but you commute for an hour, or a job that pays a little less salary, but is right on your doorstep. Convenience is now taking precedence in today’s modern lifestyle, and choosing a home closer to work will not only be cheaper and faster, but goes a long way to providing positive health benefits. Less travelling means less stress and who doesn’t want less stress.

Suits Your Lifestyle.

Check that the area you are thinking of moving to, will suit your lifestyle. If you are a sociable type of person, then you need modern coffee shops, shopping malls, bars and restaurants and some night life. If you are a quiet person or have kids, then libraries, good schools and a park are some of the things you will be looking for. You might have a great job with a great salary and a short commute, but that doesn’t count for anything, if you are going to be miserable there.

Choosing where you want to live is a really big decision, as it is likely you will probably be there for a number of years. Remember to consider everything when you choose your home, it’s the difference between happiness and an unhappy life.

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