Landlords: Work with Professional Letting Agents/Property Managers


Bringing people together in the real estate field is an important process in any community. If you own a property and want to offer it to someone who needs a place to live, you’ll appreciate the efforts of a letting agent. If this same professional offers reliable property management services, that’s even better. You have a one-stop source to help you succeed as owner of a single property, a landlord over multiple properties, or a representative for a company.

Array of Benefits

When you work with experienced East Sussex letting agents, the list of services offered in property management includes:

  • Marketing of vacant rooms and properties
  • Assistance with room and property preparation
  • Screening and reference checking for qualified tenants
  • Preparing and executing rental agreements and licences
  • Rent collection
  • Monthly property inspections
  • Many other essential tasks

With skilled and experienced property management Showbox apk 5.35 donwload for pc , you can be sure that you’ll receive services tailored to fit your specific requirements. No two landlords are the same and their needs can be quite diverse. You can learn more about how property management can benefit you by visiting the website of a leading provider or by calling to discuss your requirements in person.


Thanks to Internet technology, you also have access to valuable landlord resources from the convenience of your office or home. You can learn more about multiple-occupancy licences; fire safety advice specifically for property owners and landlords; regulations and guidelines for smoke, carbon monoxide, and gas safety; electrical safety; and general guidebooks for renting property and acting as a landlord. Property management professionals are a great resource for UK landlords.

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