Kinds Of Sports Flooring You Must Be Aware Of


Sports play a very important role in our lives. Sports are essential for each and every person. Every person around the globe enjoys sports and it is a vital part of our lives. People belonging to different regions play different types of sports according to their habitat. Well, there is no doubt that sports keep us healthy and it is also the best way of entertainment.

Each and everyone should play at least one sport during their daily busy life to keep themselves motivated and active. Today, sports are a mainstream form for every country and billions of people are involved in this activity. They invest lots of interests, money, and time in their favorite sports.

There are many sports being organized in the world by the government and private sectors because of the involvement of such a large audience.

What are the different types of sports?

Outdoor sports
Sports that are played outside in the open ground are called outdoor sports. Football, cricket, rugby, hockey, baseball, etc. are some outdoor sports.

Indoor sports
Sports that are played inside a roofed area are called indoor sports. Volleyball, badminton, wrestling, karate, etc. are some inside sports.

What are the different kinds of sports flooring

As we have discussed, the different types of sports are played in the different areas of the world according to their reliability, convenience, and their importance. So, they must be taken care of for perfection, convenience, and appearance.

We need a strong floor while keeping in mind the protection of athletes playing with an aim to lessen the risk of injuries and increase the level of sports performance, providing a fit covering for different kinds of activities.

For instance, if we are playing basketball then we need a strong, wide floor so that ball can bounce perfectly.

Sports like yoga, gymnastics, wrestling require flat surfaces where mats can be laid. As there are many kinds of floors for different sports so further we need to check out all flooring solutions.

If we are talking about sports flooring, then we start from three types of floor:

Point-elastic floors
It is a soft coated floor. In this flooring, often mats are used over a hard surface like concrete. This type of flooring is mainly used in nursery schools, sports halls and activity areas. It is recommended for small sports halls.

Generally, nursery kids do not put a high amount of pressure like adults but they need a soft surface to protect themselves from injuries. As its name point-elastic, it works in a similar way. When pressure is forced on this type of surface then foam-like surface goes down at a pointed area which may feel soft but durable enough for aver sports or non-sporting activities.

Area-elastic sports floor
A hard coating, wooden flooring that is used with a subfloor system. Suitable for sports like basketball where we need a bouncy surface and need maximum bounceback speed.

According to its name when we apply pressure on this type of surface, the surface applies pressure on a flat area and gives a bouncy and durable surface which is suitable for both sporty and non-sporty activities.

Maple-hardwood flooring comes under this flooring idea. These are durable and come with endless customizable design options that are convenient for applying logos and team colors.

Combined-elastic surface floor

This kind of flooring has a flexible sub-construction and with a point-elastic coating suitable for any other gymnastics as well as other kinds of sports activities.

This type of floor can be used in many sports and non-sporting activities because it is durable as well as has a soft coating.

It also provides a high amount of elasticity and flexibility of tasks performed upon it. There is no doubt that unlike other surfaces, this flooring also needs maintenance. Thus, you can check out all sports flooring solutions at Junckers Hardwood.

Different materials used for flooring and their advantages

  • Polyurethane
    One of the most durable indoor athlete flooring, used in gym facilities or fitness centers.
  • Recycle rubber flooring
    Durable and comfortable mostly used in gym and fitness centers
  • Artificial turf
    These are the artificial materials that look like grass and very easy to use for outdoor games and can dry quickly.


As we discussed, the importance of sports and their flooring, we have floorings according to our different activities. When we play outdoor games, we require some rough & tough materials.

Today, we are using some advanced synthesized materials like artificial turf which requires less maintenance. In the case of indoors, we are using maple-wood which is also a hard material and can handle tough collapses and is customizable.

It gives an elegant and subtle look for the gym. Also for yoga, we have rubber flooring which is comfortable and durable too. Along with the types of sports flooring, you can always go and check out all sports flooring solutions on certified stores, both online and offline.

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