JK Group – Malta’s emerging Real Estate agency


Many rich Europeans and Americans are flocking to Malta, following the path of the many multinational companies setting up office there – the trend is similar to hunters following the migratory path of birds.  The result has been a surge in demand for prime real estate in Malta.  Many foreigners are unfamiliar with the market in Malta, and are therefore turning to real estate agencies to help them find their dream homes.  One such group is JK Group, whose Malta Property Website will be the subject of this article.

Just as not all homes are the same, not all real estate groups are the same.  When it comes to real estate agencies, the prospective buyer should look for a company with a proven track record, and the infrastructure and resources necessary to assist its real estate agents in guiding their clients in terms of buying their dream home.  Prospective home buyers should also look for a real estate agency with a comprehensive website that will provide them with the information necessary to guide them in buying the right home for them.  JK Group has such a website.  The information on the website is comprehensive and neatly divided into sections which offer information that is complete and useful.

For example, the About section has many subsections, one of which introduces the visitor to Malta with a brief history, and overview of various points of interest.  This section also offers valuable travel information, as well as advice regarding reaching Malta, either by air, or sea!  The rest of this subsection contains information regarding visas, passports, and customs which the visitor must know, as well as useful information.

The “Why Malta” subsection lists many reasons why visitors should choose Malta as a place to live.  The Real Estate section offers buyers, sellers, and renters valuable information regarding Maltese real estate.  For example, the buying property in Malta and Gozo subsection offers key advice and tips regarding purchasing property, including knowing the price range in the budget, understanding what the visitor wants and needs in a home, etc..This section also offers valuable advice for those wanting to invest in Maltese properties – this is important because many of the semi and ultra rich want to make even more money by investing in property.

The services section offers valuable advice regarding the best insurance broker to do business with in Malta.  This is crucial since homeowners will need to buy home insurance once they purchase a home.  The insurance broker subsection describes the insurance broker’s experience and qualifications while building a case in favor of him.  It also informs visitors why they need to purchase insurance in Malta.  The services section also offers valuable information regarding points of interest, and getting around in Malta.

The blog section engages the visitor by offering information in the form of entertaining articles that he or she will find useful.  The blog section keeps the visitor on the website, while the About section attracts the visitor to the site.  The site features a search engine which allows visitors to seek out their dream properties in Malta, compare them, and decide which one fits their budget and lifestyle!

If a real estate agency and its agents sell a home for a client, then its website sells the agency to the client.  All real estate agencies must have a stellar website like JK Group’s for this reason!

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