How to Hire the Right Surveyor for Your Building Project


If you’re getting ready to engage in the construction of a building, it’s important to hire a building surveyor to help you through the process. A building surveyor ensures that everything in the construction process is up to code and all of the essential permits are filed. Keep reading to find out how to find the right surveyor for the job.

Know What You’re Getting

A building surveyor is different than a topographical surveyor. Check out the services they offer to make sure that a building surveyor is what you need:

  • They look for visible defects as well as potential problems of hidden defects.
  • They conduct an in-depth inspection of the property.
  • They prepare an outline of the repairs needed, how they should be repaired, and what the risks are if not repaired.


All trusted building surveyors in Dorking must be registered and qualified through the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. If a potential surveyor doesn’t have these qualifications, then you need to move on to the next one.

What to Look for

You should make sure to hire a building surveyor who has the following qualities:

  • A knowledge of the area
  • Experience in the type of property that you’re working with
  • The proper qualifications

Working on a new property can be a stressful ordeal so you shouldn’t have to deal with a building surveyor who doesn’t really know what he or she is doing. Make sure that he or she is qualified, competent, and experienced in the area that you’re working with and you’ll be able to find a building surveyor with ease.



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