How To Choose the Right Employee for Your Real Estate Business


The foundation of every great real estate company is a strong workforce, so you want to be careful when making new hires. This industry requires many years of practice to master, but hard skills can always be taught. What you can’t teach are the intangibles that every great employee brings to the table. Although your new recruits will need training, there are some workers who will learn better than others.

Are you someone like Paul Daneshrad who’s looking for employees to support a superb business culture? Here are some soft skills that signal a great real estate broker in the making.

Do They Hustle?

The people who succeed in real estate understand the importance of getting their hands dirty. No matter how smart you are, sometimes there’s no way around the long hours. You need an employee who’s willing to see a sale through to the end. This demands their full attention over extended periods of time, and not everyone has this kind of endurance. Only a solid work ethic will help a new hire develop into the worker your company values.

With the flow of moving from property to property, you want to ensure you have a team that never tires of chasing after the next deal. Pick a worker who can keep up with the pace. 

Do They Organize?

People who know how to manage their time are crucial to any company, especially in virtual work environments. If you’ve transitioned your business to remote work, then you need employees who can organize themselves. The last thing you want is to have missed appointments because a new hire forgot to show up. Look for people who know how to structure their day, so they can contribute to the efficiency of your company.

During the new norm, you need to be able to trust your team as you all work from a distance. Having people who know how to schedule their time will make your life a whole lot easier.

Do They Connect?

At the heart of real estate is relationships, so your employees must be able to connect with others. When someone’s looking at a property, they want an agent who will take care of them throughout the process. The right employee will know how to deal with clients and earn their trust. A solid set of people skills is the perfect complement to hard work and industry knowledge.

Real estate can be a grueling business, so you want to enjoy being around your team. Choose people who care about others, and you’ll improve your company culture even more.

Look for the right set of traits in your hires, and you’ll set the foundation for a promising future workforce.

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