How to Attract Buyers When Selling A Home


When we put our home up for sale we are hoping for multiple offers and a relatively quick sale, however, this is not always the case, especially if selling in a buyer’s market. When listing a home you are competing with other owners who also have their properties listed. Keep it in mind though, it is more likely a home will be unloaded in a timely manner if it stands out amongst all the other listings in the area.

If you simply call a realtor and have them list the home it may sit for longer than necessary, but there are things to do in order to attract potential buyers who are serious about purchasing a new home. If you put in the work and do the research, the house will be a property realtors are interested in bringing clients through. An experienced realtor who sells Penticton real estate gave us some suggestions on how to create a listing that is attractive to potential buyers.

  1. Work with a Realtor

 Real estate agents are experienced and have a lot of know-how when it comes to selling a property. They know the area, which homes are selling and what they are going for. Having a professional on side makes the experience less stressful and more organized and efficient. Take the time to research realtors in the area in order to ensure finding the right one. Properties listed with agents typically sell much faster and for higher prices because of their expertise in the field.

  1. Professional Listing Photos

The pictures the realtor uses for listing photos are very important as they drive traffic to the property if they are of high quality and highlight the positive qualities of the home. Pictures that make the rooms in the house appear dark or cramped are less than ideal. Add extra lighting if necessary and move furniture around to create the best look throughout the residence. Clear all surfaces of clutter and extra personal items that may distract from the space.

  1. Perfect the Property Description

Just like the professional photos, the property description that goes along with it helps to drive traffic to the online listing. Make sure the realtor understands the house’s strengths and any qualities that make it special or unique. Also, make sure it speaks to the demographic that tends to look in the area. A well-written description can help make a faster sale as it draws serious prospective buyers.

  1. Stage the Home

When potential buyers are viewing the home it is a good idea to have it looking its very best and staging can help create this scenario. Consider hiring a professional stager or spend some time researching how to do it. If some of the rooms have too many pieces of furniture either move individual items into other areas or put them in storage while the house is on the market. Try to highlight the home’s positive qualities and make it welcoming and comfortable.

  1. Know the Demographic

It is common for different neighbourhoods to attract people from specific demographics. For example, if it is located close to a university, buyers might be investors hoping to rent to students. Some communities cater more to families while others to a more urban and younger crowd. If you know who is house hunting in the area you can stage the house in a way that speaks to those looking. A realtor experienced with this can help attract the best buyers.

  1. Curb Appeal

While it is easy to spend most of the time and effort organizing and polishing the inside of the home do not forget the exterior and the outdoor space. The front yard is the first thing realtors and potential buyers see so ensure it is looking great before anyone comes to view the property. Make sure the front porch is in good condition and the lawn is mowed and bushes pruned. Consider adding some flower boxes for an added touch. A welcome mat is also nice.

  1. Word-of-Mouth

The realtor will work hard to sell the house through their website and their relationships with other agents and potential buyers but do not rely only on this when listing a house. Let neighbours, coworkers and friends know you are selling. Consider posting it on social media sites. There may be someone in your acquaintance who is in the market for a home and your property and neighbourhood may be perfect for them. Mention it to everyone you know.


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