How do I Make the Perfect Choose When it comes to a Jacuzzi hot tub


There are two common kinds of Jacuzzi hot tubs in the UK and they are the air-circulated type and the water-circulated ones. The air-circulated Jacuzzi hot tub highlights massaging jets that propel air into the water, while the water-circulated Jacuzzi hot tub will force water through the jets to generate the feel of a massage.

Both models of tubs have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as differences in costs, according to the size and any extra features. Before choosing which one is ideal for you, you will have to decide on how much space you have available in your bathroom (or other space, such as a balcony or garden) for that tub as well as your general budget for the purchasing and fitting of the tub unit in your home.

After having worked out your cost and size requirements, you will then have to choose exactly which one of the Jacuzzi hot tubs in Surrey will work perfectly for you.

Water Circulated

  • Those which are water-circulated Jacuzzi hot tubs units, force water through jets, which then propel the water out and into the larger body of water in which you bathe.
  • This type of model keeps water warmer for a longer amount of time, and the massaging effect of the water can be much stronger than those of the air jets.
  • In this kind of tub it is advised not to use any bath salts or oily soaps like bubble bath, as the chemicals in them can eventually block up the jets.

Air Circulated

  • Air Jacuzzi hot tubs models allow for you to make use of both bubble bath and oily soaps, and even bath salts, because the water doesn’t circulate through the pumps, creating any kind of build-up.
  • In some models, air jets will cool down the water a little faster, which can mean that your bathing time might be shortened or that you may have to put in some warm water while using the tub unit.
  • Air Jacuzzi hot tubs do not have as strong an effect of massaging as the water circulated tubs do, although the maintenance necessities will be lower on the air tub and the tub is usually less expensive than the water jetted design.

Shell Materials

You should also think about which materials are used for the shell of the tub.

  • Fibreglass and acrylic are both two most popular materials used for tub shells.
  • Fibreglass is likely to be somewhat cheaper, but is not so durable as fibreglass and the colour ids said to fade with time.
  • The coating placed over the fibreglass design is also known to wear out after some time, which can then lead to water damage below the tub.
  • Acrylic is more expensive, but is known to be sturdier and longer lasting than fibreglass.

Your Jacuzzi hot tub is out there right now and waiting for you to select it!

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