Homes For The Homeless


Charity does not always have to be about giving all of your money away. In fact, as a business person, you will be able to find different ways of starting up new businesses that will both bring in money to your company and will also help people who need your help. It is a sad fact of life that everyday the number of homeless people around the world increases rapidly due to the rising cost of living and due to people not being able to pay the big rent charged by home owners today. The truth is that most of these people who live on the streets are not beggars. Most homeless people do have jobs and incomes but are unable to allocate enough of money to pay the big rentals needed to rent a room or house. If they were to find cheaper inexpensive housing options, they would not be homeless and this is where you can come in to the picture by starting up a small business that provides inexpensive and affordable housing to the homeless.

Getting creative with your business

If you are a business owner or a person with capitals looking to start a business that will both bring in money as well as serve as a charity project you may want to consider investing in container shelters which can be converted into beautiful small affordable homes for people on low income who are currently homeless.

Converted into affordable homes are not likely to cost you too much of money however you may need to spend a bit of money on converting them into livable homes. You will not need to give these houses out for free to anyone as most of these homeless people can afford to pay a certain amount for rent. It would be a great idea to buy a piece of land and buy some of these containers which can be stacked one above the other in order to provide the maximum number of homes with a small piece of land.

Although you may not be able to make a lot of profit in the first few months of your business you are guaranteed to start making profits within a few months after you have covered up all your cost. These trendy little convertible homes will not only provide homes for homeless people but will also take up very little space and therefore is also good for the environment and are a new way of using up dumped waste. Another thing you can use instead of containers is old thrown away train carriages which can be converted.


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