Finding the best properties in Cyprus


Cyprus is a vast Mediterranean island bathed in tranquil sunlight. This beautiful island houses many excellently priced villas that people prefer as their second homes. real estate in Cyprus includes a vast range of properties ranging from seaside villas in the Mediterranean to luxurious villas in Makenzy.

Where are the best properties located in Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus has been divided into two sections; Northern Cyprus and southern Cyprus. The northern part is Turkish while the Southern region is Greek. The best real estate in Cyprus is located in the following cities:


Real estate in Limassol is ideal for active families who are interested in a cosmopolitan city and a range of international schools. Properties in this region promise a comfortable life surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants, parks, entertainment venues, and much more. Limassol is also the ideal location for people wanting to rent out properties because of the high demand for properties on rent. The only drawback is the slightly more costly living that accompanies a luxury lifestyle.


Real estate in Paphos, Cyprus is perfect for busy individuals who have to travel on a regular basis because of the nearby airport and efficient transportation links. Properties in Paphos are considered relatively cheaper than other areas in Cyprus. Compared to Limassol, Paphos has a much more relaxed environment with more private houses than flats.


Buyers in search of properties in demand in Cyprus should go for real estate in Nicosia. Since Nicosia is the capital city, buying a property here is a good investment. However, since the city is inland, there is a lack of direct access to the sea so a place in Cyprus should not be a priority if, for example, you wish to rent a place as a holiday home.


Larnaca is just the location for buyers who are looking for a property by the beach. Larnaca is situated close to the Larnaca airport, has direct access to the sea, and also has very affordable price ranges.

In Cyprus, there is a vast range of properties from which to choose and some of the popular regions are mentioned above. Properties in these regions have loads of interesting features to offer so if you are planning on buying a property in Cyprus, go for it!


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