Exceptional Oil and Gas Boiler Servicing for Your Home


Your boiler is an integral part of your home and if you suspect a malfunctioning system, don’t hesitate to have it checked out. Improperly installed or frequently malfunctioning boilers may not only mean uncomfortable and inconsistent temperatures in the home but also more dangerous situations such as carbon monoxide exposure.

How to Know

If you question the installation of your boiler, don’t hesitate to have someone take a second look. Otherwise, there are physical indications that you might need service:

  • Smoke or soot near the appliance
  • Irregular flame colour
  • Pilot light problems
  • Little or no hot water
  • Strange noises
  • Cold radiators
  • Water in the header tank

All of these signs definitely warrant a visit from a technician. There is exceptional and affordable boiler servicing in East Cornwall for you to call and you shouldn’t hesitate to do so as it could lead to further damages.

Not to mention, an improperly functioning boiler will ultimately lead to higher bills because your system has to work harder to accommodate if it’s functioning at all.

Differentiating Between a Repair and a Replacement

Sometimes a servicing may lead to a new boiler system but it can be difficult to tell without a professional eye.

Your service technicians will be able to identify situations where simple repairs just won’t cut it and should your boiler need to be replaced, they can carry out the replacement as well. Otherwise, your technicians will proceed with any necessary repairs that not only guarantee a properly functioning boiler but also one that operates safely.

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