Difficulties with the purchase of zakynthos real estate does not arise


True, there is one point to which you should pay attention – the main thing is that the land is not leased. This often happens on the islands, as well as in Cyprus: the land, on which the house is built, is leased or in church property. However, this can be checked through our attorneys at a real estate agency Greece or visit our website http://karetta-realty.com/en/ and contact a consultant.

It is beneficial to buy land for further construction: in comparison with the purchase of ready-made walls, you can save up to 10-20% or look for an expensive Zakynthos real estate. As a rule, a turnkey house rented for 6-8 months. Usually such issues as the registration of the building permit and the design of the house, the construction company takes over. The cost of construction on the island – from $ 500 to $ 1,000 per square meter, depending on the high cost of construction and finishing materials.

We all know for a long time that the visiting card of the agriculture of Greece is the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil. On the island there is a butter mill-museum Aristeon, which exists as a traditional family business since the 1800s. Today, the olives are processed with the help of the most modern equipment, which makes it possible to get cold pressed oil with almost zero acidity. Here in the museum you can learn about the development of this industry in Greece, see the mechanisms that were used in production in the 18th century. All those who wish can not only taste olive oil, but also buy it.

Zakynthos cuisine and restaurants – olive oil and garlic


The cuisine of Zakynthos, like the kitchen of the Ionian Islands, is truly Mediterranean. The most important ingredient in any dish is olive oil, which is especially delicious at Zakynthos due to the large number of olive groves. In large quantities, tomatoes, lemons, garlic and fragrant herbs are used. “National” dish of the island is “Sarza” – beef with tomatoes, garlic and special sheep cheese “ladotiri”. Another popular dish in these places is “Skordostubi”, which includes eggplants, tomatoes and, of course, olive oil with garlic.

Another local cheese, which can be salty or fresh, is “mizitra.” There is a “mizithra” taken with honey or sugar. In Zakynthos, homemade bread and sweets are popular. For example, “mandolato” – sweetness from eggs, almonds and honey, or “pastels” – sweetness, made from sesame, honey and almonds.

Alternatively, look after yourself for a zakynthos real estate in the town of Maherada, which houses the church of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Timothy and Moors (the interior of the church is one of the most impressive in Greece). It will be interesting to visit the village of Maries, where, according to legend, Mary Magdalene preached Christianity. In the village of Exohora you will see the most ancient olive tree of the island, which is more than 2500 years old.

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