Benefits of Damp Proofing


Damp proofing your house is a precautionary measure that you should take, especially if you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall. Damp proofing is one of the many different measures taken by companies for moisture control. As you might know, moisture is extremely harmful for your home. It can cause a great deal of damage and lead to the growth of mould in the house as well. Some salient features of damp proofing include the following:

  • A barrier is installed around the structure
  • A damp-proof membrane is fitted in
  • The surface is coated with a thin, waterproof material

A number of companies offer expert damp proof services in Swadlincote. If you want to get your house completely damp-proofed, you will need to hire one of these companies for such work to be completed. It’s a worthwhile investment of course, and here are some major benefits of damp proofing.

No Risks of Mould

Mould can damage your property drastically; it continues to grow in dim and damp corners of the house, and if left unchecked, can weaken the entire structure. However, damp proofing significantly reduces the risk of mould growth within the house.

Reduced Maintenance

Another reason why you should get damp proofing done is because it will reduce your costs associated with house maintenance significantly. You don’t need to worry about repair and maintenance work as frequently. Even if there’s been a serious water leak, the walls and the foundation of the house will remain protected.

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