6 Things that May Cause Annoying Basement Odors


Basement odors are common, especially for older homes, but no matter how old or new your home is, there are many reasons odors can pop up in a basement. With the changing sometimes strange weather here in The Bay Area, it’s easy to start getting some funky odors down there if there is dampness and poor air circulation.

You may want to do an initial inspection yourself but I would suggest finding a quality contractor to help find the issues as sometimes it can be hidden. There are many great contractors here in The Bay Area and we found a great remodeling contractor here in Redwood City. If your basement has a slight odor, here are six things that could be causing it:

1. Cracks

Having cracks on basement walls is something that is very common. Those who are living in newer homes may also find some cracks on their cinder or concrete basement walls. These cracks will then start to leak thereby creating dampness which will eventually result to a musty odor. So, once you notice some cracks in your basement walls, be quick enough to patch them very well. But, if you think that the cracks are active and could develop into long cracks be prepared to call on the help of an expert.

2. Condensation

Annoying basement odors brought about by condensation usually occurs during summer when pipes have been covered with condensation. Cold water pipes will have condensation build-up resulting to drips into the basement floor. Once you find some condensation developing cover the pipes immediately with insulated wraps to avoid dampness and musty odor in your basement.

3. Leaking Pipes

There are also times when people mistake condensation for leaky pipes. When a pipe leaks, annoying odor in the basement will likely to occur. Cover the leaking part of the pipe with epoxy compound. But, the pipe may require a different repair method if it has tiny holes in it. If these pipes will continue to leak after doing some quick-fix then you should start thinking about calling a licensed plumber

4. Humidity

Humidity is another cause of having annoying odors in the basement. This is true even when the basement is not damp. If you notice your basement having musty odor and you cannot find any damp area, you should try using a dehumidifier. Attach a hose into the dehumidifier to allow the extra moisture to pass through the basement drain. Putting a dehumidifier in the basement is one effective way to eradicate the bad odor in the basement caused by trapped humidity.

5. Weeping Walls

Weeping walls in the basement is one great source of musty odor. Unfortunately, weeping walls do require complete repair or much work by using several other methods in order to stop having musty odor problems in the basement. A dehumidifier and other moisture control methods will certainly not work in eliminating the musty odor in the basement if it is caused by weeping walls.

6. Mold and Mildew

If stagnant moisture is left unchecked in the basement a musty odor will most likely to occur. This is due to the growth of bacteria that manifests in the form of mold and mildew which may spread rapidly or slowly depending on the size of the leak. Mold will almost always be present in the basement because of the moisture from the underground unless you live in a very arid climate or have awesome ventilation in your basement.

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