4 Compelling Reasons Why A Mortgage Loan Is Worth It


Applying for a mortgage loan may come uneasy for a lot of people. Who wouldn’t feel bothered and afraid, especially when you’re unsure on how to pay it? What more if the initial cost and the given interest are relatively high? Of course, there are always risks and downsides associated with this type of loan. But these can be handled if proper plans and strategies are in place.

Today, a mortgage loan can be one of the best investments to make. With the steadily rising unit pricing, it would be even more challenging to purchase a home in the future. If you can, it’s always best to start early so you can reap the benefits earlier as well. That will also help you minimize hurdles and humps.

Here are some practical and compelling reasons why a mortgage loan is worth it.


There is always corresponding leverage once your mortgage loan is approved. You can take advantage of that. Let’s say you applied from the mortgage lenders houston to buy a home worth $1 000 000 with a down payment of $200 000 and an $800 000 loan. If the home appreciates 10 percent in a year, you will make a decent profit of 50% from your investment.

If you purchased the home all-in, your earnings would be the same as the 10 percent appreciation rate. That’s the power of leverage. It gives you the chance to take money off the bank’s mortgage to you. Likewise, it boosts the effective appreciate rate typically for up to five times.


While it may seem secure and convenient to pay off your mortgage, there is also security in having a balance in the bank because you have a mortgage loan on your home. If a calamity damages your home, your insurance will help repair or rebuild your house. That’s as long as you have calamity insurance.

But how about the possible expenses incurred in the meantime? That’s no problem. With your mortgage, a local bank bears the lion’s share of the downsides to your home. So if a calamity strikes, you can walk away from the bank with cash at hand.

Indeed, you will be in a more advantageous position to unfavorable circumstances with a mortgage loan than none at all. That’s as long as you allocated funds aside.

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Investment Opportunity

There is always the value of opportunity when you apply for a mortgage loan. It may not seem immediately feasible, but it is real. Let’s say a highly-sought chance comes to you, would you be able to take advantage of it if your money was exhausted to pay your mortgage or to buy a property without a mortgage? Yes, you can save a lot of money by avoiding interest, but that might not compensate for what you can generate in a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.

Mortgage Interest Deduction

For up to certain limits, the interest paid on your home loan can be deducted on your tax return. Some agencies such as the mortgage lenders houston can adjust that depending on the given situation. The value, however, will always depend on the interest’s amount and the bracket of your tax. Still, that is something which you can take advantage.

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