20 Bedroom Styles for 2021


Did you know that most Americans will spend about 36 years of their life in bed? A new study found that between the time you spend sleeping and relaxing in bed, you spend about 11 hours a day in your bedroom.

Only about 53% of those surveyed said they liked their bed. About 35% of those surveyed said the style of their bedroom was most important to them.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary away from the world. It should reflect who you are.

If you’re looking to redecorate your room in 2021, check out some of the bedroom styles that’ll be in style next year. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Choose the Right Color Scheme

While the color scheme you choose for your bedroom depends on your personal preferences, many colors remain popular. Beige, white, and gray are classics. They can also be combined with other colors and match with all kinds of different design elements.

White and black are contrasting colors that work well in a modern style design. Dusty rose, a blend of dark beige with pink, is a popular color scheme that can be used on your bedroom walls or in different pieces throughout your room.

Lemon sherbet is a great choice if you want to add some light and make your room appear bigger. This bright color can also help you fall asleep faster.

  1. An Ergonomic Bedroom

Ergonomics is how efficient a working environment is set up for productivity. You may be wondering what this subject has to do with your bedroom but with the increasing amount of people working from home, it’s a crucial thing to take into consideration.

While you might not have needed it before, setting up a comfortable desk and chair in your bedroom can make you more productive as you become accustomed to working from home. It’s also an essential way to prevent you from developing serious musculoskeletal diseases from improper posture and long hours.

You can add some comfort without risking style with some colorful pillows to help provide support for your back while you work.

  1. New Lighting Trends

Lighting is an important part of designing your bedroom because it’s something you need but it can also be done with some style. Wall lights on either side of your bed are a great way to add some elegance to your room.

Softer lighting is a new trend that will look great in your new bedroom. LED panels can create this effect and make your room feel more comfortable. Floor lamps are also a great way to add a piece of decor while adding some of that soft light glow to your bedroom.

  1. The Danish Hygge Style

This Danish word translates to “happiness.” Happiness and comfort are key elements in this bedroom design that’s becoming more popular.

Light colors are preferred including soft blues, grays, and whites. Linens and other materials are made from cotton, wool, and wood.

Any patterned material is subtle and there are always extra pillows and blankets around. The point of the Hygge style is to invite calm and tranquility into your room.

  1. A Classically Styled Bedroom

You’ll never go wrong with a classically styled bedroom. Classical choices in design and color will never go out of style. There’s also a sense of elegance to a classically styled bedroom.

White, gray, and light pink or peach are typical color choices in the classical style. The moldings or finishings have gold or silver designs. Beautiful chandeliers will elevate the design of the room as well.

Satin or velvet materials in the curtains or drapes add a great finishing touch to a classically styled bedroom.

  1. An Eco-Friendly Design

With more attention being drawn to environmental change, the chance to be more sustainable is becoming more popular. Using sustainable materials in bedroom design is also a more popular trend these days.

Treated brick or sustainably sourced wood are commonly used in these bedroom designs. Decor in the style of nature is becoming more common as well. Botanical wallpapers or art is used to add a bit of green to a bedroom.

Using indoor plants as part of bedroom decor is stylish and also good for your health. Plants can clean the air and reduce stress as well.

  1. The Elegance of a Neoclassical Room

Similar to a classical bedroom design, the neoclassical is more about making a larger than life gesture. Neoclassical designs include chic furniture pieces as well as intricately designed chandeliers.

This style of bedroom includes beautiful art used to add an air of sophistication to the room. White and grays with some metallic elements are staples in this style. Baroque style furniture is another great element in neoclassical design.

If you choose this bedroom design you’ll feel like royalty living in a French chateau.

  1. A Boho Style Bedroom

This bedroom style is all about embracing the flow and being guided by your instincts. A little bit of DIY and a bit of thrift shop finds will make the perfect boho style bedroom.

Warmer colors will make your room feel inviting and relaxing. Opt for yellow, orange, and red color schemes.

Furniture pieces made from natural elements are staples in the boho style. Bamboo chairs or tables add that relaxed touch you need to finish up this room design.

  1. Add Artwork to Your Room

Putting artwork into your bedroom shows off your style as well as your creativity. Whether you use your own art to decorate your bedroom or pieces from some of your favorite artists, this is a growing trend that will continue into 2021.

Horizontal or vertical paintings on empty walls of your room will add dimension and texture and add positive energy to your living space too. Other types of art like small sculptures or pottery are great pieces for your bedside table.

Add something unique to your bedroom by turning your personal photographs into works of art that will be beautifully displayed on your bedding, blankets, even on your curtains using visionbedding.com.

  1. Try the Romantic Provence Style

If you want to be transported to a romantic night out looking out at the Eiffel Tower, the province style bedroom is right for you. This romantic style is gaining in popularity and is here to stay.

Details or walls should be painted in pastel colors, light pinks, purples, pale blues, and greens. Soft linens for the bedding with small floral accents are always typical elements in this bedroom design.

Provence style furniture is either light-colored wood or white pieces. Simplicity is key.

  1. A Unique Headboard

This new trend uses the headboard behind your bed to add some personality to your room. A larger headboard with an intricate design against a bright color will make things pop.

Natural wood headboards are great additions to the eco-friendly bedroom design, focusing on simplicity. Geometrically shaped headboards are perfect for modern design styles, adding a futuristic look to your bedroom.

You can even design your own headboard adding lights or pictures. There’s no limit to what you can do to make this space your own.

  1. Go for Some Beach Vibes

With so many people staying home this year, the desire to bring a vacation into your home has influenced bedroom design going into 2021. A beach home style design will make your bedroom a more relaxing place to be.

Nautical themes are also always in style no matter where you live. Wood bed frames, chairs, and bedside tables are a must. The color scheme should include light blues, off-white, and some yellow to represent a sunny day at the beach.

  1. Try a More Glamorous Look for Your Bedroom

A luxurious bedroom is one to aim for this upcoming year. For this style, you’ll want to look for bold decorations and pieces of art to use throughout the room.

Find inspiration in the art deco patterns of the 1920s. These bold patterns with metallic finishes will add a lot of sophistication to your bedroom. Velvet covered sofas add an elegant texture to finish off styling the room in a glamorous fashion.

  1. A Rustic Country Style Bedroom

A rustic design will make you feel like you’re spending a weekend on the farm. Prime features of this style include wood that looks weathered as well as darker metals. Rustic, terracotta floors add to that feeling of being away from the big city too.

A lot of open windows to let in natural light can help create the rustic look you’re going for. Embracing nature in this simple way is a characteristic of a rustic style bedroom.

  1. Minimalism Is in

Similar to the growing concern for the environment and being conscious of carbon footprint, minimalism design emphasizes having less and creating less waste.

Minimalistic bedroom designs are simple to replicate because they don’t require a lot of additions. Muted color tones are common and furniture without any designs too. You want to focus on creating a symmetrical look in this style as well.

  1. The Zen Style Is All the Rage

Creating a zen style bedroom is about creating a space where you can go to relax and unwind. Clutter will only stress you out so achieving a zen bedroom is just as much about a clean and organized space as it about certain design elements.

A zen design should include some of the elements of nature so you can opt for a wooden bed frame for this style. Color schemes should be muted with some pops of color. You can add an abstract painting to the wall to create that color pop.

Use feng shui to help you add some positive energy into your space and allow you to connect with your surroundings in the best way possible.

  1. Try a Unique Wallpaper

While painted walls are standard, using a unique wallpaper will make your bedroom stand out. Wallpaper has also come back in style in the last couple of years.

Plant themed wallpaper is one of the most popular styles today. These large prints are bold and create a sense of being in the natural world. They fit best behind the headboard of your bed.

Geometric shapes or wallpaper with metallic patterns are other commonly used wallpaper designs. These bring a futuristic style to your bedroom.

  1. The Scandinavian Style

Icy colors represent this bedroom style best. Whites, light grays, and blues create a cooling effect. Light colors and simple decorations make this style feel like it’s sitting alongside a winter wonderland.

Contrasting color schemes can add a bit of dimension while still keeping things simple. Lots of space with smaller pieces of furniture will allow natural light to shine through your room.

  1. A Beautiful Middle Eastern Bedroom Design

Foreign design elements are becoming more popular this year and will continue to be into next year. These styles are a way of feeling like you’re traveling somewhere new and exciting.

Middle eastern or Moroccan design elements include lots of colors and intricate patterns. The furniture should always be darkly colored and be made of wood, engraved with beautiful designs.

Cushions and decorative blankets should have lots of patterns. Magenta, saffron yellows, and blood orange are key color schemes in this bedroom style.

  1. A Japanese Style Bedroom

The Japanese style bedroom has elements of the styles mentioned above. It’s simple and minimal.

Tatami mats are common floor accents used in this style. You’ll want to use neutral colors like cream, beige, and black. Brighter colors like orange and red can be used in the decor and linens.

The Japanese style should include a bed that’s as close to the floor as possible. Bamboo furniture or wood pieces, natural elements in the decor are essential.

The Bedroom Styles You Can Use to Redecorate

Many bedroom styles are already popular and some are only growing in popularity now. If you want to redecorate your room in 2021, adding some artwork or going for an eco-friendly design are great options.

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